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Sleep Tips

1. Set electronic curfew – Turn off electronic devices 90 mins before lights out or try to remove blue light by wearing blue light blocking glasses in order to wind down before bed and produce melatonin on the proper schedule.
2. Meditation – Consider meditation or progressive muscle relaxation before bed or while falling asleep.
3. Make a gratitude list – Compile a gratitude list in your mind while lying in bed in the dark. Thinking more positive thoughts can reduce stressful feelings and help with sleep.
4. Keep your schedule consistent – The more consistent your wake up time, the more consistent your overall body functions. Avoid extra napping if you’re home.
5. Limit caffeine and alcohol – Lower these stimulants and depressants. Caffeine can cause added stress and alcohol does not allow for quality rest.
6. Take a hot shower – Take a hot shower or bath roughly 90 mins before bed. Your core body temperature will decrease once you get out of the tub and help you produce melatonin naturally.
7. Keep your environment clean – Make sure to keep your environment clean. If possible use a filter for your bedroom air, wash your sheets frequently and do a deep cleaning of your bedroom.

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