Are the beds in the Princess Luxury Bed Collection sold in department stores?

The beds in this program are made exclusively for Princess Cruise Line and are not available in retail stores.

Will I need to flip my new mattress every year?

The new single sided, foam encased technology offers a NO FLIP product. It is recommended to rotate the mattress every few months.

What is the delivery procedure?

The white-glove delivery of your bed is handled by a third party delivery service based upon geographic location. The delivery service will be responsible to deliver your order to your residence. This service is solely for residential bedding (not hotels) and is not controlled or operated by the bed manufacturers. When you are notified of a delivery date, the service generally gives you a four-hour window of time on specific date that they will be at your home.

What is the delivery time?

Generally the delivery time is 10-12 weeks. Each bed is made to order.

How will I know when the bed will be delivered?

Once the bed is ready from the factory (keep in mind each of our beds are custom made on order) you will be contacted 24-48 hours in advance by the delivery company. The delivery company will schedule a date for delivery as well as a window time. It is very important that you note a contact telephone number on the order form where you can be reached at so the delivery agent can contact you.

Is there a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, the beds in this offer are covered under a traditional ten-year warranty. The warranty protects you against manufacturing and structural defects under normal usage and conditions. All claims are subject to manufacturer inspection and review. Warranty is void if the mattress set is taken out of the contiguous states (US). For more warranty information and to file a claim visit

To help preserve your warranty rights:

  • Rotate your mattress from end to end at 2 weeks and then every 2-3 months thereafter.
  • King and Queen Mattress sets must be supported by an appropriate frame with a rigid center bridge bar and supporting leg or bed base. Frames need 5 legs for queen and 6 for king.
  • Recommend using a mattress pad to avoid stains and protect your mattress.
  • Do not remove the law tag or label containing the model name.
  • Do not lift your mattress by its handles. Handles should only be used for positioning the mattress on the foundation.
  • All mattresses in the US are hand assembled. Because each mattress is unique, close inspection may reveal, minor scuffs, blemishes or loose threads that will not affect performance of your Premium Mattress. Clip loose threads; DO NOT PULL THEM.
  • Warranty and US industry standard, mattresses may vary +/- 1/2” from listed dimensions. Storage and shipping will also contribute to mattresses shape.

Warranty does not apply if the beds have been burned, soiled or abused. The cover is excluded from the warranty.

The warranty is valid only to the original buyer or property.

Transportation and labor costs are not covered by the warranty

May I return my bed?

Once your order has been placed, beds cannot be returned unless it has been determined that you have a warranty claim. All beds are otherwise non-refundable, non-returnable. MATTRESS ORDERS CANNOT BE REFUNDED!

Is it possible to order split box springs for the mattress (Queen/King)?

Split box springs (foundations) are standard for ALL kings-size beds. A split queen box spring is not available at this time.

I live in Canada (or Hawaii, or Alaska etc.), can I order one of these beds?

We would love to sell you one of these great beds, but until we can work out pricing and affordable delivery services, the manufacturer has elected not to offer these beds outside the 48 contiguous states of North America.

Can my bed be held for late delivery?

Sorry, this is not available. There is no storage facilities built into this affordable pricing. The way this equation works affordably is…once your bed is ready and delivered to the delivery agent, the agent contacts you to schedule the delivery date. They may not have space available to store your order, and may charge you a storage fee as this is not included in the delivery charge.

Order Process

Once the order has been confirmed, Princess Luxury Bed will submit the order to the manufacturer, Sherwood Bedding. Once the order ships from the Sherwood plant facility to the delivery agent, the agent will contact you within 48 hours of acceptance to schedule a delivery appointment. The complete order process will take approximately 10-12 weeks.

If you have any questions about your order or delivery status, please contact Princess Luxury Bed at 702-479-4045 or via email at

Delivery Issues and Concerns

The charge for delivery includes removal. What if I do not need removal? May I pay less?

No. The delivery fee is in the cost of the mattress. We offer the removal of the old mattresses at no additional cost as an added service to our customers.

The delivery agent would not take my old mattress away.

Agents will not haul away an old mattress if it is determined to be overly soiled. It is at the agent’s discretion.

I want my bed delivered on a Friday afternoon (or Saturday works better for me)…Why can you not accommodate my request?

Agents are only in certain areas on certain days and not all provide delivery service on weekends. Requests are honored whenever possible.

I live close to a Sherwood plant. May I pick up the mattress myself?

No plant pickups are permitted to protect the safety of our customers.

Are the bedding items/package and mattress shipped together?

No, any bedding items ordered with a mattress will ship out within 24-48 hours via FedEx. FedEx does not require a signature, so if you are not available the packages will be left.

The mattress will be delivered through a 3rd party delivery company at a later date, since the mattresses are made to order.